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Outsourced Finance Function

Outsourced Finance Function

We provide the best of both worlds by looking after your day to day compliance & advisory.

Let us manage your finance function, while you work on your core business. Often, SMEs do not require a full time finance expertise. We take a customised approach with our clients to work out a solution to suit their  business requirements. We provide an outsourced solution where you get the day to day AP, AR, Payroll functions as well as the virtual finance manager support for month end management and board reporting and analysis. This frees up your time to solely focus on the operational side of the business.


  • Compliance + Advisory
  • Finance Business partner on site
  • Customised to meet client requirements
  • Delivered by experienced professionals

Access to experienced business partners. Cost efficiencies as the business pays for actual resource time only, rather than a full time resource


  • Accounts Payable function
  • Accounts Receivable function
  • Payroll processing
  • Month-end close
  • Production of management reports
  • Access to a professional to walk you through the accounts
  • Production of real time data, profitability/margin analysis, KPIs

Transformation and Project Support

Transformation and Project Support

Let us bring our finance expertise to help you with organisation transformation.

Is your organisation going through a transformation? Let us bring our finance expertise to help you with the future footprint analysis and the financial impact of the change.

Transformation/ Projects

Do you need a finance lead for your projects. Get in touch with us and find out how we can assist you with services such as:

  • financial planning and assist in the decision making to ensure the business delivers on strategic goals and outcomes.
  • financial modelling
  • future footprint analysis
  • finance lead- projects
  • monthly project reporting and insights

Business Growth Programme

Have your best year ever in business. See improvement with our 90 day Quantum Leap Programme. Take our 90 days Quantum Leap Programme and see improvements in 3 key areas of your business:

  1. Revenue
  2. Profit
  3. Time Stress

Over 90 days, we aim to make a number of small, manageable improvements in your business to put the multiplier effect to work in your business.

Contact us for a free 50 minute business breakthrough session.

Organisational Review

In order for a business to run effectively and efficiently there needs to be a clear organisation chart, aligned to the the strategies and which visually defines cost centres, budget holders, function, roles and responsibilities for both current state and future state when you are ready to scale your business.

As an entrepreneur, do you find wearing too many hats? Let us work with you to develop an organisational chart which is aligned with your strategies.

Succession Planning

The benefits of succession planning sessions enables you to stimulate strategic discussion around the “what if” scenarios, establish the challenges and opportunities in your business, determine a common vision for owners, team members and successors, identify and prioritise key goals and milestones.

Business Advisory

Business Advisory

AdvisoryPlus provides a range of services in the business advisory space.

Financial Awareness Coaching

We recommend this services to you if you are passionate about your business and want to understand your numbers to answer questions such as : what is the relationship between profit and cash, how much margin are you making, what is your profit for the year. You will develop an understanding of your key financial reports and indicators.

Business Planning

The benefits of a business planning session includes being able to set goals for yourself, prioritise and set timeframes to achieve your goals.

Cash-flow Management

We strongly believe that cash is king. The most successful of the businesses won’t be sustainable if you are not on top of your cash situation. A positive cashflow is a good indicator of profitability. Let us work with you to come up with simple solutions to improve cash flow.

Budgets and Forecasts

As your business grows, you will need to start monitoring your performance against a budget. This is a discipline that we try and implement in businesses who are serious about growth and profitability.

Virtual CFO Support

SMEs often do not need a full-time finance support, but would benefit from continued support of a business advisory/CFO.